Corporate Governance

The governance principles that rule over Mexichem provide us with a framework for our operations and back up our results.

  1. Message from the Chairman

    Message from the Chairman

    "We have the right strategy in the right markets, and we believe we have the best management and employees in the industry..."

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  2. Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

    Our Board of Directors consists of 11 directors and no alternates.

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  3. Committees


    Our Board of Directors has two standing committees: the Corporate Practices Committee and the Audit Committee.

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  1. Ownership Structure

    The ownership structure of Mexichem ensures the growth and independence of the company.

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  2. General Shareholders Meetings

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  3. Governance Documents

    Mexichem’s By-Laws spell out the rules and procedures by which we operate as well as the rights and powers of company shareholders, directors, and officers.

    1. Compulsa de Estatutos
    2. Bylaw
  1. Code of Ethics

    Mexichem is a company recognized for its principles and values.

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